About the project

Find out more about the Forest Heart Project.

About the project, and what we want to do

Forest Heart is the first gaming project under Green Dot Games, Inc.


Started in October 2014, Green Dot Games Inc. is the first entirely crowd-sourced independent video game company composed of over 50 employees, all of whom are providing their time and dedicated passion to creating this awesome game. The company name is a nod to a social media website, Imgur, where the idea gained traction, and also to the three points of their company: unique, green, game ideas, young talent, fresh out of college, and completely digital, so we're green for the environment.

What we're doing

Forest Heart is an emotional adventure game about twins Cain and Clara, along with their dog Nacho, desperately lost in a vast, ancient forest. The story spirals into psychological horror as they face the uncertainty of survival and unravel the mysteries of the Forest’s Heart.

We are currently in the beginning stages of production. Stay updated by following our social media pages and website.

Want to contribute?

We're still looking for people to contribute their talent towards the project.

(you need to be over 18 to apply)