Project update four

Project update four

We are still hard at work producing a video game for you, and are nearing the end of the pre-production phase. Currently, the developers have started kicking into full gear creating a prototype that will need to be play tested in order to prove the viability of many of our unique gameplay mechanics. Yes, you heard right, *WE WILL NEED GAME TESTERS*. Very soon, we’ll be updating this post as well as our social media plugs with information on how to be brought on as a play tester. So if you want to be the first to have at it, make sure you follow/like/subscribe/pin/whatever our following social media plugs:

These past two months, our concept art department has been working hard on fleshing out two environments. The first one known as the “Mushroom Forest” and the second known as the “Smog Forest”. As an added bonus for being so patient with us we’re including a speed painting by one of our very talented concept artists! (Music composed by the Sound Department) As well the Sound Department is still composing mesmerizing music and sound effects. We can only share a small sample of their incredible music and sound effects at the moment, but we will continue to share more as time goes on. All of their work is posted on our YouTube channel. Here is new content from them featuring both music and sound effects: Music Compilation: SFX Soundscapes:

We are not currently accepting financial support for the project, but will begin accepting financial donations when we start crowdfunding in the near future. If you want to show your support for the project, simply leave a comment saying you want to be notified every time we do an update. For now, the exposure we get on imgur is what’s helping us push forward the most, and we couldn’t be doing this without you guys! Another way you can support us is by spreading the word about Forest Heart among your friends. In the future, we will provide other opportunities to become a supporter such as a kickstarter, more playtesting opportunities, and possible focus groups.

Sorry for the feels trip guys. While we’re on the Mushroom Forest, I feel it’s worth mentioning that an old high school friend of mine who was always overjoyed to see me and crazy about drawing mushrooms recently passed away. Julia was a wonderful person who deeply loved her friends and family with all her heart. Everyone in my hometown has been absolutely devastated, especially her family. We’ve raised so much money to support them, but who knows, maybe bringing it to Imgur might help them even more. Thank you for putting up with the surprise feelstruck everyone.

To address some peoples concerns: We currently do in fact have a full team of game designers, programmers, story writers and 3D Artists. The story team recently finished the second draft of the games script which is being run through myself as creative director and the vice president of our Design department. The story has come a long way since the start of it all and its almost reached the point where we can call it finished

Our Game Designers have been doing a wonderful job putting together a significant amount of documents outlining how the game will actually play. Theyve been working very hard alongside the programmers building the prototype/proof of concept so we can test everything they conceptualized. A lot of their work is being kept under wraps until were sure about what they want to implement is viable and functional.

The 3D department has been working incredibly hard producing assets for the prototype which will be available within the upcoming weeks for internal testing purposes. A lot of these assets that are being created though have not been finished or refined to the point of considering them an accurate representation of the final product which why were holding back on posting too much of their work out in public. If youd really like to get a glimpse of whats happening behind the curtains youre going to have to like and follow our facebook page where youll be the first notified about how to become a play tester!

I also feel its also appropriate to remind everyone of the nature of this project. We started everything entirely on imgur from scratch with zero funds to speak of. Everyone involved in the project is doing so on a volunteer basis. We don’t have the money to pay for a studio were we can all contribute 8 hours a day on the project (as much as we would love to). The production of this game will not match up to the speed of projects with similar scopes. What we’re ultimately asking for the most of is patience. This stage of pre-production is rarely something game studios publicize as we have. We do this though because imgur is our family, we want you guys to know were still moving along and that we haven’t given up yet. One of the main reasons we arent doing crowd funding is because we want to keep the integrity of the project properly preserved. So to all the detractors. Please show some patience. Everything on our end might be moving slowly but its all been coming together with every department contributing a a great amount of work.