Project update one

Project update one

So guess what?! WE’RE MAKING THIS HAPPEN. We currently have a team of 20 people of varying talents and professional experience working our damn asses off day and night to bring this idea to life in the most terrifying and engaging way possible. We even recruited the person who made the original tumblr post as we as several talented artists from tumblr to help us out!

Going off the original idea we’ve decided to develop the game as an open-world fantasy horror rpg powered by Unreal Engine 4. We established a forum dedicated to the production of the game that we use as our base of operations as well as skype to allow for a free flow of ideas.

Though we’re making a lot of progress with the group we have so far. We’re always looking for more help and support! The more people we have, the faster we can bring imgur a finished and amazingly terrifying product!

We need graphic designers and 3d modelers, riggers, animators and texturers. We’re also looking for concept artists who can sketch out ideas for creatures, weapons and different types of environments. We also need people familiar with the legal work involved, music professionals and anyone else who feels they have something they can contribute!

But even if you can’t do anything at all, or just don’t want to, we could also really use supporters. People who are just interested. People who can spread the word. Tell their friends. Make us a wikipedia page. Playtest the game. Blog about it. Even people who just want to receive a message every time we do another update so you can help us get to the frontpage and get the exposure we need.

Every day we’re filling the ‘ocean of forests’ with more ideas, creatures and characters. I’m trying my hardest not to reveal spoilers, but the ending we figured out is sure to make your skin crawl.

So far we’ve built a strong robust framework for the story following our two protagonists as they get lost in the never ending woods desperate to not only find their way out, but also to find the source of a deadly corrupting force that permeates out from the deepest and darkest areas of the forest. The forest is very much alive and to it you are nothing more than it’s play thing. As you make your way deeper through the forest, you’ll face a myriad of disturbing revelations and impossible decisions that will have lasting impacts on how your story unfolds.

So I hope this post has made you as interested in the project as our team is! Please leave some feedback and show your support because we really do need it! This project will be incredibly hard to make successful without all the help from imgur we can get.